Data collection updating plan template

Using this Workbook, each consortium will complete the spreadsheet by member.The spreadsheets by individual member will automatically be totaled together to provide the consortium level figures on the Roll-up Summary Page of the Workbook.

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Typically, this includes the funding agency, and may also include partner organisations, the Council (or Councillors), the project team, and the project’s participants or target group.

Remember that evaluation is generally undertaken for accountability, or learning, and preferably both together.

If you have limited funds for evaluation, you may have to prioritise your evaluation by identifying who are the most important people to report to.

Download M&E Audience and Evaluation Questions Template Evaluation questions should be developed up-front, and in collaboration with the primary audience(s) and other stakeholders who you intend to report to.

AEBG 2016-17 Annual Plan Template and Guidance Documents These are the documents that will be used to describe to the state legislators and agencies the progress each Consortium made in Year 1 of the block grant towards achieving their AEBG Three-Year Plan.

The format also provides a platform for updating activities and goals for Year 2.

The evaluation audience include the people or organisations that require an evaluation to be conducted.

There may be multiple audiences, each with their own requirements.

Retro-fitting an M&E plan to an existing project may just mean that you may be constrained in some of the data that you can collect.

Identify who the evaluation audience or stakeholders are.

Evaluation questions go beyond measurements to ask the higher order questions such as whether the intervention is worth it, or could if have been achieved in another way (see examples below).

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