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Highline is a gourmet vegan restaurant and metal/punk live music venue/dive bar so check your pretentiousness at the door. Don't be afraid to let your hidden inner clown come alive and run wild with the monkeys.

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So long as you fit the criteria that is: this event is for graduate professionals between 28 to 38 years old.

With four minutes to spend with each person, you better think of some good quickfire questions.

All Speed Dating ticket prices are clearly stated and you can match your seating preference with how much you'd like to spend.

Once you've decided on your seats, follow the payment instructions to complete your Speed Dating ticket purchase. Of course, if you should have any questions when purchasing your cheap Speed Dating tickets, you can use our chat tool and speak directly with one of our customer service representatives.

Here's one on us – what's the worst thing you'd do for a free dinner?

For graduate professionals aged 28 to 38 years old.Someone you'd never blink at on accident on tinder will turn out to be fascinating and someone you assumed would be 100% self absorbed has a heart of gold. Magic can happen, folks, the moment you relinquish all control to allow the nature of the cosmos to flow in and through you... It doesn't matter if it's top selling theater productions, off-broadway hits, or rare public speaking events - the variety of theater tickets you'll find at Vivid is sure to amaze.This includes the Speed Dating tickets you're looking for!*1st Release tickets , 2nd Release tickets * public, members Melbourne Speed Dating at Nieuw Amsterdam!

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