Sexchatone - Dating a homeless girl

Now I don't go to the doctor that often and if I do, I just go to the free clinic.Mostly I try to take care of myself so I won't get sick because I don't really want to have to go to the ER where they would have to charge me.At the age of 15, Sarah* left her mother's Los Angeles house feeling unwanted and finding it too painful to continue living at home.

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And I knew if we broke up, I wouldn't have anyone or anywhere to go.

I was also kind of, like, in awe at the fact that someone actually wanted to, you know, be with me despite where I've been. We eventually got engaged and I was really happy about that.

If my cousins or someone nearby didn't have things I needed, I would steal.

I would never steal money or from people directly because morally I think that is just wrong, but if I really needed something, I would go and take it from a store. Nothing big, but if I needed socks, underwear, pads, or medicine if I was sick, and I couldn't afford it, I would take it.

They prescribed birth control for me to regulate my periods and that helped a lot.

Fortunately, I was still under my mom's health insurance until I was 21.

Basically I was traveling around and wasn't "sleeping on the streets" homeless, but in a way, still kind of homeless.

I stayed in high school for a while, but when I was nearly 17 years old, I completely dropped out of high school.

After a year and a half, my boyfriend's parents said they didn't approve that I had left home at such an early age and did whatever I wanted, and wouldn't let me stay there anymore. We still kept dating, but it was really hard getting kicked out of his home.

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