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The company was sold to Mort Clayman in 1974, a watch distributor in the US.

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Out of sentiment this branch of the family marked their watches "Copenhagen" for many years.

(The watches stemming from Urban Jurgensen and his sons were "Urban Jurgensen & Sonner", which I believe still markets high grade mechanical watches.) Jules Jurgensen's most notable patent (1867) was his method of setting the hands of the watch by moving the bow forward (hunting case) or backward (open face).

The firm continued under family control until 1916 when David Golay a regleur for the house bought the firm from J. The quality, however, continued unchanged, the best! Sales/production of Jules Jurgensen watches between 18 seems to have been about 300 a year.

In that period they were rated in the trade along with those of Charles Frodsham in London as extremely fine.

Jules Jurgensen was born in Locle, Switzerland in 1808 while his parents were visiting and his father was studying jewel piercing.

The family was settled in Copenhagen where his father Urban made timepieces and thermometers.I have recently been asked about quartz watches bearing the name Jules Jurgensen.By giving a chronology of the make, I will show where they as well as others of the make fit.The centerpieces, as well as the core of both the Graves and Packard Collections were Patek Philippe watches, of course. Vacheron Constantin is still around, and their products are most definitely near the pinnacle of High End. " moment, as I knew them only from their latter-day offerings, of a grade that could at best be considered Cheap Fashion Watches.But neither collected Patek exclusively, and their collections included many other watch brands, most notably multiple examples from Vacheron Constantin and - you guessed it! Things like this: wikipedia Jules Jurgensen is a watchmaking company.It was founded by Jürgen Jürgensen in 1740 in Denmark, when Jürgen Jürgensen went into partnership with Isaac Larpent, under the name “Larpent & Jürgensen”.

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