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He is sure to go the whole length of wining and dining you besides landing the most amazing gifts in your lap.

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Love is for him a throbbing, blood red passion and once is sure that you are the woman for him, he will be ready to go to the end of the world to make you his.

The flip side of a Scorpio lover’s intensity is an excess which can overwhelm the most sedate of women.

Despite the fact, that they feel and believe strongly, they are able to hide their emotions beneath a calm and deliberate exterior.

So when you first meet a Scorpio guy, you may be put off by his cautious and reserved nature.

It's probably not a good sign if he says, If you're the kind of woman who responds better when guys act like jerks, guess what? It's time to train yourself to look for a guy who appreciates you and not hold that against him.

It's too easy psychologically to have deep-seated fears that we aren't worthy of affection, so when someone cares for us we push them away.

At first you may find him cautious and reticent regarding your relationship.

However once he decides you are the partner for him, he is likely to amaze you with the intensity of his love and emotions.

But underneath that still facade, you can be sure of a keen mind, working furiously to analyze your every word, move and display of emotion.

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