Dating a non jew

Schonfeld notes that Gardenswartz and members of his congregation quickly deemed his intermarriage proposal unworkable.

And she says that while the teen leaders of United Synagogue Youth changed the language they use to describe “healthy Jewish dating,” they did not alter their policy.

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Half of Reform Jews marry Jews, compared with nearly three-quarters of Conservative Jews and 98 percent of Orthodox Jews.

And here’s the weightiest of Pew’s statistics for those wary of intermarriage: While 96 percent of Jews married to Jews are raising their children in the Jewish faith, just 20 percent of Jews married to non-Jews are.

As he put it, an increasing number of Jews are recognizing that “intermarriage is a fact of life, as gravity is.” In the 1970s, when large numbers of American Jews began choosing non-Jewish partners, the Reform movement’s Central Conference of American Rabbis maintained its official opposition to intermarriage but decided to allow its rabbis to choose for themselves whether to preside at such weddings.

That change did not sit well with many, even within Reform Judaism.

But not everyone is so convinced that the teens’ vote and the demise of Gardenswartz’s proposal simply reinforce the status quo.

In various corners of the Conservative community, it appears as if some are mulling — for better or worse — a loosening of the rules that govern dating and marriage.

She loves me as much but religious beliefs are getting in the way.

Dear Rabbi, I’m getting married in October to a girl who is not Jewish (she is Hindu, born in India) and we’re having a difficult time finding a Rabbi who will marry us. And do you have any recommendations for Rabbis that would consider performing the ceremony.

Dear [email protected], For Jews, “marrying within the faith” isn’t a cultural preference or prejudice.

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