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One who also has good relationship with her father.

The most important aspect is to give them a good example of love right from birth, setting that godly example of what love looks like.

From the day our children are born, they are observing every move we make, every word we speak.

In the interview below, edited for clarity and brevity, Carrington shares how parents can best model marriage to their children and explains what traits young adults should look for in a godly spouse.

Christian Post: How did you prepare your children for dating and marriage?

CP: What advice would you give parents about when to talk about these issues and what to say?

Carrington: With the way things are moving at a faster pace in society these days, the media and society is making an impression on dating and marriage at a much younger age. With this in mind, I would say that 13 is a good time to begin having discussions around these topics.

It's important to look for qualities that are sustainable, because that is what will last.

CP: How did your advice or approach differ from what you told your daughters to what you told your son?

Carrington: Vickie and I prepared our children for dating and marriage by modeling a godly example of a loving, imperfect, fun marriage right from birth.

As far as dating – teaching and modeling what love looks like, sounds like and acts like, so when they come across counterfeits, they can detect the difference.

CP: At what age did you begin talking to your children about marriage and dating? Vickie and I began talking to our children about marriage and dating between the ages of 14-present!

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