Dating a taylor guitar

It had 2 transducers: one mounted to the bridge, and one on the lower bout of the sound board.

Also, it had a small single coil neck pickup mounted in the neck joint.

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The guitar's neck was also made from oak recovered from the pallet and the fretboard features a Formica and pearl inlay, depicting a fork lift.

In 2000, a limited edition of 25 of the Grand Auditorium bodied Pallet Guitars were reproduced with aluminum inlay included to accentuate the original nail holes in the pallet wood.

The NT neck fits into a pocket on the top of the guitar body, achieving the desired angle with small shims.

Guitars sometimes require a neck angle realignment (neck reset).

In 1995, Bob Taylor was interested in finding out if the perception of using exotic tone-woods in quality guitars was more important than luthier techniques and good design.

Taylor recovered some oak from shipping-pallets found at the factory for the Pallet Guitar's back and sides and used a nondescript 2x4 for the dreadnaught's top.

Conceived as a starter guitar for kids, the lovable Baby Taylor has maintained its enduring appeal in part by being a legitimate musical instrument that anyone can enjoy.

The three-quarter-size Dreadnought helped touring musicians like Taylor Swift sketch new musical ideas on the road, and it's been a reliable musical accomplice for travelers seeking inspiration while trekking the world.

All Baby Taylor models ship with a durable travel-worthy gig bag made by Taylor for optimal fit and protection.

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