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Or I would try to figure out if the dude standing next to her was her boyfriend. The window of opportunity would close, she would go off somewhere and I would end up feeling like dirt because I let another one slip away. If you've ever done this kind of thing then I'm sure you'll agree with me it can be very damn frustrating. Women are not going to come up to you and ask for your phone number. But, if you know what to look for, she will give you some subtle signals which are her way telling you "hey buddy, i'm interested in you, get your ass over here and talk to me". So, the next time you're out, if you notice a woman in your proximity that wasn't there a second ago there's a good chance it's not an accident and she's interested in you. When a woman notices a guy she's interested in she'll often unconsciously fix her hair, grab a glance at herself in the mirror, or fix her clothes in some other way.2 -- Warm yourself up first.

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First, understand this secret that women tend to love shy guys. When you blush, smile or just the way that you think, it can make a girl fall for you.

Girls have a thinking that shy guys are more trustworthy than other males and will be with them for a long-term relationship.

So, if you are thinking of becoming that macho man, keep it aside, dont lose your shyness, it is definitely going to pay you. It is not expected from you that you would turn out to be a super hero in just one day.

Learn your lessons gradually and work accordingly, it definitely takes time to impress the girls.

You will surely see a change in your style on presenting yourself and interacting with women when you go out with them.

I would see a hot woman that I was attracted to and I'd get the urge to go up and meet her but... I just couldn't muster up the courage to get myself to do it.

Your primary outcome should be to build your skills.

If this particular woman gets away who cares as long as you gain a little experience out of the interaction.

They see how pretty she is and all sorts of things like this go through their heads and they inevitably psyche themselves out. And worst of all, by doing this, they appear too needy to the women and the game is over before it even begins.

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