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Think normal, friendly, conversation instead of state-pumping routines.This neutral-rapport process lasts for a minute or two at most.They are the Naturals – Men who understand the matrix of social dynamics, understand what women really want and who are unafraid to take what they want. They are respected by men and lusted after by women.

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Is sometimes does work quickly, but it's a method designed for effectiveness over speed, , or it might take weeks if not a couple of months.

The time flexibility actually works to your advantage - you won't fall into the trap of killing your value within a social circle by escalating when it's not appropriate or the moment isn't ripe; instead, you are likely to end up with multiple friends with benefits.

In fact, if a friend of yours did introduce you to a beautiful woman and you jumped in with one of the many opinion openers from the Love Systems Routines Manual or even a state-pumping direct opener, you would likely come across as "try hard" or "the weird pick up guy" or otherwise socially awkward. Or "Hi, I'm [name]." In the first minute or so of conversation, stick to normal, neutral conversation like: You can even throw in some very light teasing, but limit it.

The book Magic Bullets identifies eight key attraction switches that most women will be attracted to, and one of these is Social Intuition. Think "normal and cool." You are not trying to build comfort, demonstrate your value, break rapport, or anything else.

To do this most effectively, you use the same skills from Magic Bullets or a bootcamp, but apply them in a new way, using what we call the This model is designed to help you hook up with hot women you meet through any social circle event, such as dinner parties, work events, or even random introductions.

It is also a structure which uses very well on particularly hot girls (the only real type I get enthusiastic about going for! As you can tell from the name, it's not designed to be a lightning-fast method, ALTHOUGH IT CAN BE.

Hey guys This is the second installment of the 4-part Revealing the Social Matrix Article Series and is an updated and modified version of the Elongated Seduction model described in the Lsi (Love Systems Insider) email.

I hope to delve into some seriously groundbreaking stuff related to both social dynamics and social circles in this four part series.

The technology is taught in its full form in our (Braddock and my) Social Circle Mastery seminars.

I obviously can't reproduce everything in the Social Circle Mastery seminar, but I think the below will give you some very useful information that is applicable to your daily lives.

For example, I used the Elongated Seduction Model to recently close a top model who happens to be the poster girl and 'door girl' for one of the hottest and more prestigious clubs in London.

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