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Also, global brands of condoms are available at supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations.

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The really clear cultural differences between American and Australian women is mainly the cultural references and history with which they have grown up.

I haven’t experienced any clear cultural differences that can be generalized to all Australian women.

Jessica says: Everything you would find in the Western world is available and global brands (i.e.

Tampax, Kotex, etc.) are available anywhere and are most conveniently found at supermarkets.

If they do have an applicator, they are made out of cardboard instead of plastic.

You will be able to buy feminine products at most supermarkets and convenience stores so it isn’t necessary for you to bring them from the USA.

I do recommend that you always carry an emergency supply in your purse for those unexpected periods.

It is not common to find tampons and pads sold in Australian restrooms.

For more details about bringing medicine to Australia I recommend reading this page from the Australian Government’s Department of Health.

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