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You’d have to be crazy to think of combining Irish and Mexican cuisines but it really works.

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Or perhaps we’d start with Boxty Quesadillas from Fado in Chicago.

They’re sort of like quesadillas made with potato pancakes.

About every 15 minutes the crowd would surge forward another 10 to 15 feet until we were about 20 yards from the stage and packed together closer than a car trunk full of clowns. Death row meal: In a perfect world, for an appetizer, we’d start with Prosciutto con Melon from Weinstein and Gavinos Italian Restaurant in Montreal.

I will never forget the excitement and passion of the show, the electricity in the air and most vividly; the smell of the crowd! It’s simply cured Italian ham wrapped around cantaloupe but it’s the best prosciutto and best cantaloupe I’ve ever tasted!

I’ve eaten many things that have given me “ice cream headaches” over the years, however, these are the only concoctions I’ve ever consumed that gave me an “ice cream woody”. ) Favorite monkey: Not-So-Curious George, the brain-addled chimp that has spent the last 8 years living in the big White House. In those days, WAPL was “too cool” to do weather forecasts. Well, a series of tornadoes swept across the southeastern and north central parts of the state and three funnel clouds were spotted in the area of Grand Chute, just West of Appleton.

People say that I look like: Pauly Shore told me I look like Ron Howard. Cartoon character I'd most like to have sex with: Velma from Scooby Doo (I know, she’s a lesbian. Sirens across the WAPL listening area were blaring their dread-filled alarm as high winds and rain ripped through much of the Fox Valley. I believe it may have been the first weather forecast ever on WAPL.

Favorite TV Shows: Lost, Mad Men, Skins, The Daily Show, The Amazing Race, Californication, Pushing Daisies, 30 Rock, Late Show With David Letterman, Jeopardy and any Travel Channel show hosted by Samantha Brown.

Best concerts I've attended: Springsteen, August 9, 1985 at Soldier Field.

Other jobs I've had: Teacher’s assistant, writing commercials and mowing the lawn in a cemetery.

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