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This time, at Sochi, she will be a British Olympic Association ambassador, Telegraph Sport columnist and BBC commentator. Williams, largely, seems a wholly positive, bubbly kind of soul but perhaps inevitably this is the time, with the Games beginning this week in Russia, guaranteed to make this rarest of British treasures – one of only four athletes ever to win an individual gold in 90 years of the Winter Olympics – a mite nostalgic.

After “brutalising” her body for years, suffering daily agonies with three bulging, degenerative discs in her neck and back and requiring three operations on her knees, Britain’s fastest Olympic champion has no regrets about quitting when she did. She looks at her life now, with the anticipation of all the adventures that lie ahead, weighed down by just a couple of sadnesses.

Has loud, out and proud Lucy finally met her match?

Since his divorce 16 years ago, Terry from east London has got comfortable living the single life: his love for the horses and football leaves precious little time for romance.

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New to E4 (previously seen on Channel 4): The First Dates restaurant opens its doors to more hopeful singletons from all over the country.

Unlucky in love and struggling to find a date, Lachlan craves a girl who will 'accept me for the nerd I am'.

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