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Lachenal's production began slowly but seems to have really accelerated in the 1890s, 2.

There is clearly a need for more data, but I'd be guessing that the curve of Lachenal production would be S-shaped, and would NOT reach 350000.

It is thought that concertinas numbered up to about 20000 are labelled Louis Lachenal, but after that they are labelled Lachenal and Co.

The story goes that Louis Lachenal, who had been employed by the Wheatstone company, left to set up his own business (possibly taking some of Wheatstone's tools, and even some employees) around 1848-1850.

He is thought to have started up manufacture around 1850.

They're good instruments with "real" steel or brass concertina reeds and construction, but the action and sound won't be as nice or as consistent as some other makes mentioned below.

These instruments were all made in the UK, so "vintage English" usually refers to a Lachenal, Wheatstone, Jeffries or Crabb, and implies superior (compared to the Italian Stagis) quality of construction, sound, and playability (action).

Mathematically, 350000 concertinas in 86 years represents 4070 p.a.

Therefore you should be able to estimate an age from the formula How reliable is this?In their absence, a 'rule of thumb' has been devised (by Geoff Wooff, Concertina Magazine, #6, Spring 1983), based on the following premises: (i) Lachenal began production in 1850, and ceased in 1936 (i.e.he was in business for 86 years), (ii) in that time he made 350000 anglo concertinas, (iii) his output was constant.With his Swiss toolmaking background, he was able to machine up to out-produce Wheatstones.For example, whereas each of the Wheatstone fulcrums for the button levers was painstakingly hammered in by hand, Lachenal devised a machine to push an entire set into the action board in one press.Does anyone out there own a Lachenal with a serial number of over 300000 ? To test the formula, I have been trying to collect known date of manufacture/serial number combinations.

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