Dating dark endemol

• John the Internet geek wants a girl who's comfortable with the huge Star Trek banner on his wall.• Brad says he's not a head-turner, but hopes to turn the ladies on through his intelligence.

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The Dating Lineup • Drew is from a large Greek family and hopes to one day start a family of his own.

Dating in the Dark is originally a Dutch reality show that has since been remade for American, Australian, British, Danish, Finnish, French, and Swedish audiences.

The American version premièred on the ABC television network on 20 July 2009.

• One-Date-Kate is a serial dater who wants to get married before she hits the big 3-0.

The Dating Lineup • Billy, the Chippendales dancer, looks to take his looks out of the equation.

The show that puts a whole new spin on “blind-dating”.

Endemol is a Dutch-based media company that produced and distributed multiplatform entertainment content.

• Kayla hopes to overcome her tendency to jump into things too quickly.

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