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After an absence of eighteen months and twenty-three dax s he arrived at Fort Churchill, of which he was subsequently promoted to be the Gov- ernor. "In 1714 or 1715 he was elected archit_\i)ographus or esquire beadle of civil law in the tmiversity. lie was com- pelled, on account of his refusal to take the oaths to the G'i\crnment to resign also his appointment of librarian, but he continued tc inju- dicious and inai)propriate insertion of Jacobite sentiments in his •In. 19 jtrcfaccs awakened, however, the hostihty of the university mag- nates, and subjected him to several pi'osecutions. "His publications were nearly all printed by subscription at Ox- ford. Richard Rawlinson and bequeathed to the Bodleian Library.

to complete the whole, at the expense of this fund the last offices are decently performed to the bodies of such drowned sailors as are cast on shore. Witness our trusty and well-belowed Horatio Sharpe. Michael the Arch Angel, by even and equal Portions, the Rent of Four Shillings Sterling, in Silver or Gold; and for a Fine upon every Alienation of the said Land, or any Part or Parcel there- of, one whole Year's Rent, in Silver or Gold, or the full \'alue there- of, in such Commodities as we and our Heirs, or such Officer or Officers as shall be appointed by Us and our Heirs from Time to Time, to collect and receive the same, shall accept in Discharq-e thereof, at the Choice of Us and our Heirs, or such Officer or Offi- cers aforesaid : Provided, That if the said Sum for a Fine for Alien- ation, shall not be paid unto Us and our Heirs, or such Officer or Officers aforesaid, before such Alienation, and the said Alienation entered upon Record, either in the Provincial Court, or County Court where the same Parcel of Land lieth.

Thus this ancient palace has become as remarkable for deeds of charity as it was formerly for acts of valor and bloodshed. Esq; Lieutenant-General and Chief Governor of our Ho RO. said Province of Maryland, and Chancellor and Keeper of the Great Seal thereof. within one :\ronth next after such Alienation ; then the said Alienation shall be void and of no Efifect.

Alban de Hairun iicld a barony in Hertfordshire, England. "The Roll of Battle Abbey, in the Church of Dives, Xormandy.

• It is a well-known rule in heraldry that "varxing orth(:»graphy in the spelling of a surname, when there is armorial identihcation, d^'.^ci not affect consanguinity." THE SURXAME HEARXE, AS IT APPEARS OX THREE DIFFERENT COPIES OF THE ROLL OF B.^TTLE ABBEY. J- 1 "1 how that William Hearne, son of William Hearne (merchant), and .

The past he has sought to explore has not been the past of aliens and foreigners, but of those whose blood flows in his veins. av.d a -v Vor Lb.y desire to honor an honorable name, re will hnve his re\vard. ^95- Since Liie history was i^suud, in i S'j5, I have ob:ained quite an amount of nevv ins Lory. Ileroun, is found among'st the persons of distinction who followed in the train of Wil- liam the Conqueror, A. 1066." A work published in London, England, in 1S74, upon the "Nor- man People and Their Existing Descendants in the British Do- nunions and the United States of America," contains the following information: '"Hearne, for Heron, from Hairun near Rouen. Thus we have this surname occurring on three differ- ent copies of this roll. his tutor or guardian, one Edulph having seized the crown, by whom, with his partisans, they were unsuccessfully besieged Brithric made so gallant a defense that the siege was turned into a blockade, which gave the loyal subjects time to arm in de- tense of their young king. was confined here thirty years, from 750 to 780 ; anno q;^^, it was plun- dered and totally ruined by the Danes ; but, being of great impor- tance in defending the northern parts against the continual incur- sions of the Scots, it was soon afterwards repaired, and made a place of considerable strength. I Rugg oo 1 looking glass oo 3 pictures oo 2 sifters oo A set curtains & ballance 2 remnants callicos oi Curtains, tall head cloth & quilt 04 2 boxes and two stands 01 9 pai danmified silk stockens 01 a parcell danmified ribbin 00 aol copper qt 94 at i pr 04 29 yds flowered silk at 6d per yard 08 146-1-2 yds silk 14 1 1 yds silk crape at 00 3 yds stript fustian 00 a parcel of denmified cottons 00 a doz 1-2 napkins 02 6 table clothes 01 14 towels 00 6 pair pillow cases 00 II pairs sheets at 03 3 large and i course hammocks 03 Some earthen ware 00 2 poor calves 00 10 sheep at 03 A cast & wheels 00 A bay horse 01 A gray horse 00 3 Cows 04 2 heifers 02 A pair millstones 02 06 10 01 01 05 15 02 02 05 14 17 13 II 03 05 00 10 10 09 06 08 02 08 15 12 00 18 05 00 10 Totall 244 : 17 00 John Emmet fo) sealed.

Again, the author has felt a natural desire to learn more about his own kindred. Sir Bernard Burke says : "This family traces its settlement in England to the era of the Xurman Conquest, and the name, as then written. IJolinshcd's copy of the same roll contains the names of Heiron and Ilcrne. In the year 710, King Osred, on the death of Alfred, his father, took shelter in this castle with Brithric. ,^ 4 ,.'/;; V ji -X" ^ yr, (J -, 42 HEARNE HISTORY. The shipwrecked mariner finds an hospitable reception in this castle. That if the said Sum for a Fine for Aliena- tion, shall not be paid unto Us and our Heirs, or such Officer or Officers aforesaid, before such Alienation, and the said Alienation entered upon Record, either in the Provincial Court, or Countv Court, where the same Parcel of Land lieth. Month next after such Alienation ; then the said Alienation shall be void and of no Effect. To Have and to Hold the same, unto him the said Thomas Hearnc, his Heirs and Assigns for ever, to be holden of Ls and our Heirs, as of our ^^lanor of Somerset, in free and common Soccage, by Fealty only for all Manner of Services, YIELDING AND PAYING therefore, yearly, unto Us. Mary's, at the two most usual Feasts in the Year, zi::. Here are the storehouses for depositing the goods which may be saved : instruments for raising and weighing the sunken and stranded vessels : and. Given under our Great Seal of our said Province of ..1/arv- laiid, this Eleventh Day of December, Anno Domini Seventeen hundred and fifty-nine. the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed A'irgia Marv and St. He was be- sieged by the Earls of Northumberland, and Warwick, and knowing that he could expect no favor, defended it till the end of July, when a tower "being beat down by their cannon, which in its fall crushed and stunned him that he was taken up for dead, the garrison sur- HEARNE HISTORY. One of these officers was William Hearne of An- glo-Norman descent, born in London, 1627, and was a wealthy mer- chant, tie served as Captain with Cromwell, in all his famous bat- tles, and after the restoration, found it not wholesome or safe to re- main in London, hence with his wife, Mary — whoni he married in London, a lady of culture and highly educated — he left London and went, in 1660, to St. I am in grate tribulation, but to keep up the Above character of An honest man I Cannot in Conscience say that any one has brought my troubles on Me but m_\self. My mother fitted me off with two Stout Suits home spun, four pairs of stockings, four woolen Shirts. At twenty two I married Me A Wife and A very good \oung woman she was. W^e do therefore hereby grant unto him the said Thomas Hearne. U'e and to Hold the same unto him the said Thomas Hearne, Scnr., his Heirs and Assigns, for ever, to be hold- en of Us and our Heirs, as of our ^^Fanor of Somerset, in free and common Soccagc, by Fealty only for all ^Manner of Services. FREDERICK, Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the Provinces of Maryland and Ai'alon, Lord Baron of Balti- more, &c. 'i Oiii ear of their ]\Iaties Reign and in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred ninety and one. 17 rendered, and he, recovering, was carried prisoner to York, where he was beheaded as a traitor. Hearne with copious notes, is in the library of the British ^^Fuseum." From "Standard Peerages" in the ^vfcrcantile Library. Christopher's, in the West India Islands, and opened a large trade in general merchandise from London to these islands, and the colonies on the coast of Maryland and Delaware. Yielding and Paying therefore yearly, unto Us, and our Heirs, 34 HEARNE HISTORY. Mary's, at the two most usual Feasts in the year the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed \'irgin Mary, and .9^ Michael the Arch Angel. To all Persons to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting in our Lord GOD Everlasting. of Somerset County, by his humble Petition to Our Agents for Management of 15G5693 HEARNE ni STOPv Y. did set forth that he has due unto huu One hundred Acres of Land by Virtue of an Assiji^^nment of that quantity from Major George Gale, of said County, part of a War- rant for Five hundred and Eifjhty-six Acres Granted him the said Gale the fourteenth day of May Last ; and foreasmuch as the Peti- tioner has discovered a quantity of One hundred Acres of Vacant Land lying and being- in the County aforesaid, near die head of IViecocojiioco, Whereon a Certain Hugh Caldzvell lately Lived, part- ly Cultivated, by means whereof the Fetitioner Conceived the same Could not be taken up b}' a Common \"arrant, he therefore Prayed a Special Warrant to Effect and secure the same, and that upon Re- turn of a Certificate of such Survey, he Complyins^ with all Other Requisites LJ'sual in such Cases, might have Our Grant Issue unto him thereon, which was Granted him, and Accordingly a Warrant, on the fourth day of J;//y, Seventeen hundred and forty, unto him, for that Purpose, did Issue. The condition of the above obhgation is such that if the above bound Mary Hearne, doe well and truly observe and satisfie all and every of the will of William Hearne deceased, which will beareth date the twenty eight day of ^larch Anno Domini 1691 : as well as to pay all and every the debts of the said deceased, upon order had and obtained from their ]\Iaties Justices of the Peace in Court sitting as also to observe the clause and clauses in the said letters of admin- istration to her granted. He looks with contempt on that foolish pride of birth which claims credit for a past virtue which it is unable or unwilling to copy; but he believes that^to be descended from worthy ancestors should prove to an honorable mind a powerful incentive to hand down to posterity a record of like worth, while a noble spirit will be moved to redeem from shame a name which former possessors have dishonored His family esprit dii corps has long caused him to cher- ish the record of the past. One vi the name was also a standard bearer to the Conqueror. The battle of Hastings was fought in Sussex County, about fiftv-six miles from London, October 14, A. In this battle ^»7,074 Englishmen were slain, besides those drowned, and 6,013 Xormans. John, Lord D'Arcy, steward of the household of Edward III. "Sir William Heron, grandson of Odonel Heron, and grand- nephew of Lord Heron of Castle Ford, was summoned to Parlia- ment in 1393, as "W^illielmo Heron, Chevalier," and was also styled "Willielmo Heron, Dominue de Lay, Seneschallus Hospitii Regis — I. 1296; barons by writ of summons 13: baronets 1662." "Stewart, ]\Iary, daughter and heir of Patrick Heron, M. Sir Richard Heron was Chief Secretary of the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, the Earl of Buckingham, in 1777. County Xottingham, married, in 1792, Amelia, granddaughter of Baptist Xoel, Earl of Gloucester. He descended from Sir Richard Hearne, High Sheriff in 1618, idw bore the same arms. who thereby securely seated Osred on the throne, when this castle became his palace. and in all likelihood some additions made to its works ; and this is more probable, as the present area contained within its walls meas- ures upwards of eighty acres, instead of three, as when described by Hoveden.

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