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Instead, Ewing found Shrestha wearing, you guessed it, f*cking sweat pants.

Ewing went along with this insult to God, society, and fashion police around the world ...

(MSW) - it's another word for h-e double hockey sticks.

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non Mormons can use a variety of words for this one, most commonly the queen mother swearword.

For example, "Why are you being such a little snot?!

Itshay (MSW) - it's pig Latin for a different word. Gopple Dampin Fruit Dumpsuits (MSW) - this could be anything you imagine it to be!

In this case, it is supposed to be the better phrase for he__ yeah!

I use this to convey my frustrations instead of American swearwords. There are extra points if anyone knows the TV show this came from! Hassle (MSW) - my daughter said this is the word she uses when she wants to swear at someone.

You can fill in the blank with the naughty word of your choosing. Butt (MSW) - this is actually a swearword at out house. Bugger (MSW) - I think this is an actual swearword in other parts of the world. This is a "Guest" swearword from my friend, Spud, she's from Idaho! Probably the queen mother swearword though since it starts with the same letter. Fetch (MSW) - no, not fetch, like go get it doggie. I think it's supposed to be the queen mother swearword for Mormon's. Basically, the staircase was super steep because the stairs were extremely narrow (each step was only about 7 inches long) and extremely steep (each step was a different height).And, unfortunately, when you combined the fact that my closet was upstairs with my weakness for 5 inch heels and my propensity for being late..ended up with this scene playing out in our house on a weekly basis: And on a complete side note, although I am 5' 9.5" (can't forget that 1/2 inch), I belong to the school of thought that heels make your legs look pretty. This is a view of the death-trap stairs from our dining room before we started the remodel. Extra points if you can name the movie this is from!! Son of a motherless goat (MSW) - son of a (insert naughty word here). Today we are going to check out the progress on the stair case.

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