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Personally, I was always raised to say my pleases and thank yous. ) Polite behavior should always be what it is regardless of what era it is.

Sure, things have changed since Emily Post advised on how to orchestrate your first dinner party as a married lady. And in today’s modern dating world, some semblance of proper behavior should at least be observed.

Cell phones and social media have certainly changed the dating scene.

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Since 2009, the number of deaths has increased by 15 percent.

2013 showed a staggering number at 4735, which equates itself to one pedestrian death every two hours.

It can take away from the pleasure of the event and be distracting to others.

"People are going to events today acting as if they’re filmmakers or professional photographers," Swann says.

"They feel the need to document the entire event...

it’s just too much." It can devalue those rare and exciting moments we want to remember and relive.What I do want to discuss is post-date follow-up for all you ladies. I’m here to offer suggestions on what is considered proper etiquette for women following a date. You just finished a great first date with a GREAT new guy! You want to call him to say what a fabulous time you had, but that wouldn’t be cool, so you instead call your friend, mom or sister to gush about every mundane detail. In the meantime, you can take some matters into your own hands. Option One: Text Him Thank You When it comes to dating, if the man treats you to dinner, drinks, movies, whatever, then I think it’s important to follow up with a text to simply say thanks for last night—especially if you’re interested in going out again! So, although it’s always nice to say thanks, you don’t really need to if you definitely, 100%, absolutely do not plan on going out with him again.When you’re done naming your unborn children, they ask the question. ” You think, well, he didn’t give any of the usual brush off signs. There was no typical excuse out of the bucket when you suggested another glass of sauvignon blanc. Say thanks at the end of the date, before you part ways, and that’s all. And further, being polite and well-mannered will set you apart from the crowd-and dramatically increase the chances that your potential partner will want to share your company again. And as you very well know, very, very few things in New York City are free.Many have blamed the increase on what some refer to as "petextrians," people walking and texting with little care what’s happening around them.According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), pedestrian deaths were steadily declining since the 1970s, accounting for only 11 percent of car fatalities.Etiquette and manners regarding cellphones, however, is something new and something many people have no grasp of, clearly, w 1: A Night on the Town You’d think a night out with a special someone would be an excuse to escape from the doldrums of life, including the pressure and temptations of cellphones.

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