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The project will implement Joint Calls for excellent transnational research projects in the fields of NMP, Health, Environment, SSH and Innovation.

In absence of resource constraints, new production will be demand driven.

This creates a lot of uncertainty, especially on Gazprom's side because of the difficulties created by the growing share of independent producers.

Expansion to the East thanks to the recent China deal is not expected to provide much relief before 2024.

The coming decade will be critical for the industry and its outcome will largely depend on the government's pricing and institutional policies but the role of the state should remain essential.

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The New CEDIGAZ report “Russian Gas Market: Entering New Era” by Tatiana Mitrova (Russian Academy of Sciences) and Gergely Molnar analyses the ongoing changes in the Russian industry and the challenges to be met.

Increased competition and demand stagnation has led to an oversupplied domestic market, while frozen regulated prices, rising non-payment and rouble depreciation have further undermined its attractiveness.

Despite profound changes both on the domestic and foreign gas markets in the recent years and numerous tensions between the major stakeholders, the Russian gas industry has shown remarkable resistance to any deep structural reform.

Any further development of the Russian gas market's institutional framework is likely to be gradual and entail legal fixation of the currently remaining “grey zones”.

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