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Although the appearance of my nails doesn't matter to me, they're quite useful (for opening old containers and such)... I know I'm going to have to cut them eventually, but I like them the way they are at the moment. I have them because I love the look of long nails but due to varies reasons my real nails are as thin as paper and snap before they have any real length on them.

- RDW I don't get them done anymore, they just grow.

I've gotten comments that my nails are much longer than my friends who is a girl. reason i don't cut them regularly: 1) they're pretty cool 2) I'm too lazy 3) they're more like claws, so they're really easy to use if you want to do self-harming by scratching or scalping your scars and lips (I do all three, if you... My loved ones have called my nails 'claws' or 'talons' although they're not really that sharp.

I'm hoping she brings a bottle of nail polish and makes me paint my nails for letting them grow so long. I have been told repeatedly that many women would covet my nails and the speed at which they grow. I neglect to cutting them and they eventually grow. I keep trying to tell them, but they don't listen, just keep on growing. They are a touch longer then the ones in the group picture.

I have no problems with them and I only sometimes break the thumb nails and... I keep hearing how some have a hard time typing with long nails.

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I wish I could utilize these claws for the purposes of vanity and... I have manicure and pedicure at a salon at least every 2nd week One of the few beauty pleasures I induldge in, is long nails. And they are no problem in anything I do in life, except they slow me down on the computer. I find it annoying when one breaks, especially if it's one of the longer ones, but I've never been tempted to cut them all to the same length and... I was 5, when I noticed that my mom omits my pinky nails from cutting.

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