Dating for people over 50

So many websites and mobile applications have been published to assist senior people for initiating their dream date partner search.

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The one thing we do take from Tinder is the idea of no unsolicited contact.

Our users will only be able to be contacted by someone if it’s someone they’ve already liked.

Companionship in their words “covers friends, marriage, and everything in between.” There’s less of an emphasis on sex and physical appearance and there’s no system of rating like on other apps.

There isn’t even in-app messaging because as Dowling explains: “We found that our users prefer to speak on the phone.” So maybe they’re not looking for hookups, but the idea of just how matches are made are very Tinder-ish.

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Smart matchmaking, verified profiles & like-minded singles.

Finding the perfect match for you just got better with the introduction of online dating services.

But let’s be honest, grandma and grandpa aren’t exactly the most tech savvy people in the world so how does Stitch expect to get the technologically-shy age group to get online.

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