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She doesn't want to think that she can be had so easily.

dating games that women play-77

For most women, a courtship or a relationship is often about testing the man they are with.

And these tests are almost always done with the intention of being in control of the relationship.

Hours or even days may pass before she returns your call.

Why does she do it It's her way of biding her time so that she doesn't seem too eager or interested.

What you should do Be sure if she's playacting or is genuinely in need of help.

Though you can sometimes suck it up and do it yourself. The best thing would be to teach her while you do it.She had almost eagerly given you her contact information.And you tried calling her and even SMS'ed her asking her to get in touch and guess what she didn't get back.But don't overdo it, as you still want to remain a challenge.Just let her understand that there are a lot more grapes in the bunch so you can easily look elsewhere if things don't seem to work out.Really pressing ones, that requires switch off the TV, put away the beer and listen to her.

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