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In Naruto's young age he'd already mastered several of the amazing skills and techniques a ninja could learn and a power that could rival even a great ninja like his Grandfather or his Uncle.

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Excellent work again Team Ebisu." Pulling out her big red rubber stamp Lady Tsunade marked the requested task as completed and passed it off to be filed.

Konohamaru had witnessed this act countless times by his grandfather and wondered how much of the job of Hokage involved paper work and less exciting things like fighting evil villains.

Although he was already painfully aware of how terrible such battles were, having lost both his grandfather and his Uncle Asuma to said other enemy ninja in battles.

Konohamaru didn't want to relive any pain like that ever again, and it was a driving force behind his desire to become stronger as a ninja.

But it didn't seem to matter, least of all to Naruto himself.

Which taught Konohamaru something important in that rank did not mean as much as personal accomplishment.

Konohamaru was thirteen years old and at that age where he was really starting to notice the pretty girls apart from just the regular ones. eternal youth technique or not that age difference makes it a little weird.

After collecting their payment and walking out of the briefing room Konohamaru pocketed his money and was lost in thought again.

A tall order indeed for such a young man, for all the shinobi that inspired him were great men indeed.

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