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I am thinking about my options regarding that, including moving out of the bedroom, seeking professional help and even leaving our relationship.

My hope is it will not have to go that far, however, if it doesn’t change I will take at least one of those steps, if not more.

I want you to know that your silence is not okay with me.

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One time she didn’t speak to him for an entire week. Janet reports that she does this because she needs to calm herself down first before she is able to speak to him.

She also states that when she is hurt or upset, she just doesn’t want to talk to near him, for that matter.

You act as if they're invisible, not responding to them at all or giving them a very minimal and withheld response.

Your hope in treating them this way is that they will get the message that they have displeased you.

Does your partner shut you out completely when angry?

Research indicates that children would rather you yell at them than ignore them.

Silence is another form of bullying—don’t give in to it.

Deal with silence in a straightforward fashion that is honoring of both yourself (no groveling, pleading, etc.) and your partner (stay respectful when you deliver your message, no yelling or silent treatment yourself).

Although not speaking to your partner for days is on the extreme end of withdrawal, I see this all the time in couples.

What many people do not know is that the silent treatment is one of the most damaging relationship moves a person can make.

First, tell them that you notice they are not speaking to you and tell them what you’re going to do about it.

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