Dating ideas for capricorn women private dating options off line

The combination of these makes them the hardest sign to get close to for many people.

Afraid is the wrong word for it though this is a valid question, as they often come across this way.

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They often place a very high value on material security, which can lead to efficiency, thrift or being somewhat of a pack-rat. I don't know, but i'm going to keep the old lightbulb just in case I need it later...

On the negative side Capricorns can be pessimistic, suspicious, stubborn and sometimes intolerant.

Capricorn women are generally among the harder signs to understand, with a number of personality traits which often confuse partners in the early stages of a relationship.

While the Capricorn woman is as romantic and emotional as anyone else, she can be somewhat inhibited in expressing her emotions, often preferring to perform practical tasks to help loved ones in preference to making purely romantic gestures. A Capricorns greatest strength is the ability to set long term goals and pursue them until attained.

Bad news affects them less than other signs, and rarely holds them back for long. Pessimistic by nature they sometimes have a slight inferiority complex or fear of failure which drives them so hard to succeed and to stand on their own two feet while doing so.

Respect, recognition and praise are important to them, as is their public image.Once you get them to open up, things are much easier.Capricorns are somewhat unique in being much more friendly with their loved ones than with strangers.Never underestimate the patience or willpower of a Capricorn who's on a mission!They can beat most other signs in a battle of attrition.They are dependable particularly in a crisis though they dislike chaos and unpredictability. As a rule they're not aggressive people and only express hostility as a defense.

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