Dating kuwaiti men

Outside the home, most Arab women dress according to religious custom, which means that they must cover most of the body, from head to foot.

The traditional black overgarment ( abaya) is ankle length with long sleeves and a high neckline, and the hair is covered.

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Arabs frown on clothes which reveal the shoulders, arms and legs, and any woman dressing provocatively will be regarded as being of ‘easy virtue’ or perhaps even as a prostitute.

In the home, however, when not entertaining close friends or relatives, Arab women often adopt western dress, particularly younger women, and there are no restrictions on the way foreign women may dress in private.

Senior members of ruling families are called ‘Your Excellency’ followed by ‘Sheikh’ (pronounced ‘shake’ and not ‘sheek’) and their full name.

Government ministers of the ruling line are ‘Your Excellency, Minister of . .’ and other ministers simply ‘Your Excellency’ followed by the full name.

However, suits are rarely worn in the Gulf, except for important business meetings and related social events.

Standard wear in the office is a shirt (usually long-sleeved), tie and lightweight trousers.

Arabs generally value civility highly, and it’s important that you greet (and part from) local people in the correct way.

The use of Arab names can be confusing for newcomers to the region.

The conventions for addressing rulers and members of ruling families are complex, and you should always check locally before being introduced to any dignitaries.

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