Dating lower social class

These days however, classes are not written in stone, things are changing!

Usually it is like this: you can date the physically attractive person with low status,oryou can date the not-so-attractive person with high status...rarely you can find both in one person,who also happen to choose you!

My parents lived on a far higher scale than his did, we had a bigger house, pool and a better school district.

It caused problems with us because he grew up with parents constantly fighting about money and I was far more relaxed about finances.

Ofc, it is not all black and white, sort of compromise between extremes. I started off poor and am now a 5-percenter-er, and gradually going through each class (not a 1-percenter yet, though) has given me a different outlook on people and life than the average person that grew up upper middle or even middle class and are upper middle now.

Also, being a minority and dealing with life from a minority standpoint gives me a slightly different outlook there.

I view most from the upper classes with probably more disdain than they view me .

It is not what they have it is more of how they got what they have , it is a moral issue to me . It is possible to have a healthy happy relationship with someone from "lower" class, and also with a "higher".

Depends on how much the social class is separated by .

I would be as likely to consider dating some one from the upper tiers as much as they would consider dating me which would be not at all .

but as so many of those immoral people are directly funding your pension plan, perhaps you should at least be a bit more neutral toward those who were willing to work so much harder and take bigger risks than you were.several arguments? there are lots of couples out there having arguments about money and breaking up over it even though they came from the same socio-economic class.

whoever had a relationship without several arguments? there are lots of reasons why it could or could not work, although it isn't financial status per se.

I would say they need to be intellectually matched though, otherwise the more intelligent one would get bored ASAP. Women however are having a hard time dating down due to social conditioning (hypergamy) but there are more female college grads than males now so they must accept the idea of dating down at some point as well.

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