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Badass hottie are seriously the best, is some old man was the evil guy there would not be much effect but since the bad guy is so cute and hot I just have to love him. Had to say I enjoyed watching the story line especially when Na Bong Sun was possessed Shin Soo Ae. The couple na bong sun and kang sun woo is so real , i hope this couple have a real relantionship not only the drama . Its been a long time since i felt such longing after i finish a drama, i just want it to keep going foreverr. I so admire Soon Ae more on the last two remaining episodes. what a surprise cameo role by Seo In Guk, definitely to die for cuteness! I guess I am going to think about this for a bit more, possibly I have to watch it again for couple more times .. Seul gi is good but had little screen time compared to bo young(THE LEAD-deserve an AWARD) and i dont think the chemisty would have been the same if it were chef and real soon ae One awesome drama of 2015. And whether it will end up happier if chef kang like a dead soon ae ??

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There was absolutely no scene that I wanted to skip. ♥♥ SERIOUSLY, I loved this Kdrama, im honestly tell you, bong sun and chef kang sun woo built nice chemistry, i adore how kang sun woo act to bong sun, haha so sweet! It was just filler fluff and they were just dragging it out. This drama confused and dissapointed me at the end. The ending was so good that U cried laugh and be in love to the two lead characters. the emotions I felt through out watching this drama has been a roller coaster but it ended really really well.. dead people dont get love lives, because hey, love LIVES -- live -- get it? Thank you to the director, writers and translators for every week updates! i mean she has a deadline n no body unless u wanted chef to die so that he could be with soon ae(which is ridiculous people move on)sun n chef have great chemistry happy 4 the happy ending to come..............4 al those dissapointed n feeling betrayed xory only 2 episodes left it will be over soon. YES She helped and she was funny when she was around but no enough to sacrifice every1) thats why u are told to live to the fullest when u are alive. The casts are throwing such an amazing portrayal of their characters. if the chef and the ghost end up falling in love, i just hope bong sun ends up with the other handsome chef hahahaha this drama make me can't focus with my job hiks hiks hiks :'( I'm really hope this drama will happy ending.

great Job to all of you- in front and behind the camera- Thank you. Excellent acting by the cast but I was especially mesmerized by Kim Seul Gi's acting. The only gripe I have is that the writer should acknowledge the love relationship between the "ghost" bong sun and sun woo more. And last episode, i cried like a river when Shin Ae must gone, and nice acting for jo jung hyuk oppa!! Though it was inevitable that our male lead would choose the living, he actually fell in love with the ghost and that never got acknowledged. This drama confused and dissapointed me at the end. I can't take my eyes from tv since the first episode. honestly at first, i was hesitating and scared i may not love it but i was so engrossed after continually watching! wahhhhhhhhh I always fall in love with the badass hottie. Park Bo Young first lead drama was so good and the lead actor was so handsome and hot their perfect together! I so admire Soon Ae more on the last two remaining episodes. what a surprise cameo role by Seo In Guk, definitely to die for cuteness! Kudos to everyone and I'm hoping to see another good feel drama like this soon. most people only notice the lead actors but really, great acting Lim Ju Hwan, I wanna see him in a drama like gentleman's dignity with Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung XD that would be the most awesome comedy/drama. Hahahah seems like it has ended but yeah i'm going to miss it. hahahahaha i knew it...........u cant love some1 u dont see! Na bong sun can change herself and can make chef loving her,really loving na bong sun,not loving na bong sun when her body used by soon ae.

for the drama, i love k-movies but dont watch the drama very often, it surely has alot of "what are the odds" or "it doesnt make any sense" or "deus ex machina" moments, well i guess it's pretty common in dramas to satisfy general audiences wants and it doesnt bother me that much.. those actors and actresses perform very well, the main cast chemistry is decent but not as good as, let say jun ji hyun and kim soo hyun in man from the star.. she'll be in a new movie with cha tae hyun too, right? I am new fan of her..knew her from this serries but totally in with her acting...awesome..kiss also very real... the things is the development of the character are nice until suddenly kang sunwoo said he likes the real na bong sun instead of the possesed na bong sun a.k.a shin soon ae. Congrats Oh My Ghost for the best ever storyline, cast! I agree with @Go PBY this drama brought the audience to feel all the emotions in one point and I think it is all about affection. @cutepie i think so cuz after this scene he cries in the car I dont think he would cry for Bong Sun i sense a happy ending, rooting for it! @Leo Chef already have a girlfriend Singer Gummy and they are dating for two years. She did not help Bong Sun actually, she makes Bong Sun stupid in front of everybody and now somebody is trying to kill Bong SUn.

PBY is perfect for this role, i wanna see her in many different roles but a role like in the drama or werewolf boy is just too perfect for her.. which i found really ridiculous, the chef like the change of character of na bong, not the real na bong. I really liked this drama ....frm INDIA ....a very very big fan of korean dramas.....i thought only myself and my friends know about korean dramas..........i was talking with my cousine who in other state.....i told her that korean dramas are really nice once when you become free have a look ......told me i have started seeing korean dramas since 3 years.... The first drama that makes me anticipated the every episodes.. The cast are incredible, Park Bo Young really suit Na Bong Sun's personality, so did Cho Jung Seok for Kang Sun Woo's character. so many dramas im following have ended and another very good one is ending. ps: also Soo Ae has a flashback where she is under water, that makes me think this scene is a flashback from her death. But Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo has a great chemistry here. u know what Soon Ae herself is not attractive as Bong Son so there's no way Chef and Soon Ae will look good together on cam. She was not even careful while using Bong Sun body. Bong Sun and Chef has a strong chemistry on cam, and Bong Sun did a good job being Soon Ae while Soon Ae herself is more scandalous and i dont find her cute being herself who talks a lot.

i like movies with twist and not regular cliche happy endings but because of PBY, i just wished it would end happily, just cant see her suffered (even in a movie/drama).. I love Park Bo young acting aegyo here...She not total in the acting.drama wouldn'tbe so darn good and funny. Director, happy ending for Chef and Na Bong Sun pleasseee!!!

anyway, it's all good, it turns out the rest just a stretch and nothing to worry about.. Chef only acting cool all the time but most of the hard working is the female lead... A really heart warming drama from the start to the very end. Officer Choi, threw someone on the river again and it makes him cry while driving. Fellow lovers of Oh My Ghost, anyone know anything about the instrumental music played at the ending scene of ep 10?? Hoping to know where i can find that music pretty plssssss!

I can't handle it in everytime Na Bong acts cute to Kang Chef. I fell so hard when Na Bong said "Angg~" in Episode 8 during their MT. I just hope there's OMG Season 2 because I want to see Kang Chef and Na Bong get married and have cute babies. At least, tv N should make a spin-off or one special episode to show the viewers about Officer Choi and Eunhee's news, about the progress of Edward Seo who works in Sun restaurant (Seo Ingguk is the best cameo ever), and about Na Bong and Kang Chef; they do 'it' properly in the end..I just wanna say, OMG is very recommended drama. The ghosts or evil spirits appearance didn't even bother me at all. the story line and plot are really great, UNDERSTANDABLE (which is likely, every type of person can surely understand this story and not leave out any hole in the story plot ) and the actor really play the main role to this drama success, especially park bo young. episode 1 is kinda boring buttt they killed it in episode 2 up to the endd!!!! It was the stories of family and friendship that pulled me in, rather than the love line. Everything is like the usual kdrama, but this one is kinda able to grab the cute factors and not cheesy. I mean the writer did not leave enough evidence for us to believe that Chef love Na Bong long way before (beside her blogs).

she can play two role and her acting is just superb and not AWKWARD, like some other drama which the actor plays two role. ❤️ We have an exam when i first watch this, i couldnt stop watching, i end up watching nstead of reviewing for my exam, fortunately i still passed. just hang in there guyssss this story is the one of the best!! To be honest, I was a little bored at the beginning... Everything is very well until the last episodes, i think the writer(s) took an arrow on the knee and turned the drama into a cheap thriller wanna be which plot is so lame and so many foolish scenes are happening. OMG this is one of my favourite dramas and I just finished watching in 2 days so addictive!!! the cast , plot , scripts , ost and everyhthing is perfect ! all the cast did a very good job in potraying their role . So I guess the real story was about the ghost actually. A ghost-like living girl possessed by a cheerful ghost and I'm not quite satisfied with the ending.

but after reading many recommendations i was glad i watched this drama. another bonus is that the scriptwriter also wrote king of high school and weightlifting fairy kim bok joo and along with this drama, they all have a cute and funny, feel good quality. The 3 leads truly carried the show, but alas it was not enough. but thissss is different still I CAN'T MOVE ON, ... it was very exciting, after watching the trailer I promised my self that I would never miss any episode. Even the gang in the kitchen added to the laughter in the scene.

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