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Bargaining and exchange take place in contemporary selection processes, and these exchanges are based on common cultural understandings about the value of the units of exchange.The basis for partner selection plays out in a market situation that is influenced by common cultural values regarding individual resources, such as socioeconomic status, physical attractiveness, and earning potential.

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As this shift occurs, one can speculate that the importance of individual characteristics such as physical attractiveness, romantic love, and interpersonal communication will increasingly come to play important roles in the mate selection process in postmodern society (Beck and Beck-Gersheim 1995; Schoen and Wooldredge 1989).

Norms of endogamy require that people marry those belonging to the same group.

The "marriage squeeze" refers to the gender imbalance that is reflected in the ratio of unmarried, available women to men.

In theory, when a shortage of women occurs in society, marriage and monogamy are valued.

Emphasis is placed on the customs that regulate choice of mates.

A counterperspective views the family as an association.

Beginning primarily in the 1920s, theoretical and empirical work in the area of mate selection has made great advances in answering the fundamental question "Who marries whom?

"The purview of anthropologists has centered on kinship structures as they relate to mate selection in arranged marriage systems.

Before considering individual background characteristics and interpersonal dynamics of the mate selection process, it is important to note the increasing attention given to the marriage market and the marriage squeeze.

The term "marriage market" refers to the underlying assumption that we make choices about dating and marriage partners in a kind of free-market situation.

The most global or macro approaches have made use of vital statistics such as census data or marriage license applications to study the factors that predict mate selection.

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