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Potteries made throughout the 1940’s have an overlapped N and M; those in later production illustrate Mc Coy USA.Floraline is marked in clearly stated block font and USA maybe the only mark you see (please read above statement for further information).Take the time to view reference books at your local library or online most cities and towns have implemented their libraries for Internet entry (note: you need a library card to access the database) books on Mc Coy pottery will often include dimensions of the originally produced item.

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When looking at an USA only marking the U & A are equally level from the top & bottom the “S” is only slightly below the U & A in block serifs.

The Collector of Brush-Mc Coy is assured to discover far more from studying the artware pottery styles and colors themselves than from studying the Mc Coy mark exclusively.

Among the numerous Mc Coy items that have been reproduced by unscrupulous potters is the Hyacinth Vase that Mc Coy made in the 1950's.

I'd seen these repro vases on ebay but hadn't seen one first hand until my cousin in Florida inquired about one he'd bought.

They continued through hardship an emerged to expand the company in the 1940’s and 1950’s from sales via mail order through major catalogue houses.

Today the obtainable diversity of Brush-Mc Coy now, offers a wide assortment for the consumers’ personal preference and price-range. Mc Coy allegedly had ,000 in capital to invest within two years had proliferate this investment into 0,000.Beginning in the late 1930’s it was customary for the object’s mold number to materialize in the mark.Frequently the Floraline mark is seen on Mc Coy pottery from 1940-1945, make no mistake this is Mc Coy pottery.The commonly found mark (used on later wares) is the forename BRUSH in block capitals with blooming serifs on the first and last letters. There are several varieties of this mark and variations are not of great facilitate in dating as there were frequently used simultaneously.A number of earlier marks made a play on the word “Brush,” depicting the artist brush and sometimes be accompanied by an inkwell or a palette.Marks Numerous marks were used throughout the company lifespan and innovative style inherently from the diverse product lines.

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