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If she isn’t willing to talk about it, give her a little time on her own, and then lighten the moment by telling her something that begs a response, or try just holding her and letting her vent some steam, which will hopefully melt some of that iciness.She flirts with you and lets you think she’s under your spell, while she's actually casting her spell over you.If you know you’re being led up the garden path, keep all senses alert.

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If he decides to turn away, vowing not to succumb to emotional blackmail, it brings on a fresh onslaught of tears, with a heart-rending, "You don’t care for me any more" or "If you loved me you would do this for me".

We are past the days of handing out numbers on napkins and leaving messages on answering machines with hopes of getting a call back. Instead of watching your friend wait around for someone to call or helping to decode a text message, women tell each other that he's simply not interested. Many Hollywood blockbusters, however, neglect the fact that women, too, play the same game as men.

She retreats further into her silence and no amount of coaxing and prodding will get her to reveal what the problem is, till you’re ready to tear your hair out in frustration.

As much as you may be tempted to do it, don’t just leave her alone to deal with what is upsetting her.

Often men do eventually realize what the problem is, but are most often clueless initially and have the classic question, "What have I done now?

" which seems to further irk and irritate the woman.

This is one of the most age-old and popular games that women love to play.

For a woman, half the fun is in the chase and if on the way, she discovers he wasn’t really the guy she thought he was, she has no qualms about making it a wild goose one!

You may think that by going after her, it makes you seem like the weak one.

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