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Look for ways Satan might be undermining your mission with short and simple pleasures.

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While marriage may bring joy, help, and relief in certain areas, it immediately multiplies your distractions because you’re intimately responsible for this other person, his or her needs, dreams, and growth.

It’s a high calling and a good calling, but a demanding one that will keep you from all kinds of other good things.

So, here are eight suggestions for making the most of your not-yet-married life.

Paul may have been right about our freedom from spousal concerns, but in an i Phone, i Pad, i Pod, whatever i Want world, single people never have trouble finding their share of diversions.

Therefore, for the not-yet-married, our (temporary) singleness is a gift. If God leads you to marriage, you may never again know a time like the one you’re in right now.

A season of singleness is not merely the minor leagues of marriage.

My hope in reflecting on Paul’s words is to restore hope and ambition in the hearts of the not-yet-married and set them solidly on mission in their singleness.

Perhaps the greatest temptation in singleness is to assume marriage will meet our unmet needs, solve our weaknesses, organize our lives, and unleash our gifts.

It has the potential to be a unique period of undivided devotion to Christ and undistracted ministry to others.

With the Spirit in you and the calendar clear, God has given you the means to make a lasting difference for his kingdom.

But God intends to use you, your faith, your time, and your singleness in radical ways right now, as you are.

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