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Fender made the guitars and basses, while Walker's company made the amplifiers and sold accessories.

The instruments were made at CLF, and shipped to Music Man's warehouse, where each instrument was inspected and tested.

In June 1976, production started on guitars and in August basses followed.

The 1976 catalogue shows the first offerings; A two pickup guitar called the "Sting Ray 1" and the Sting Ray Bass.

In 1975, Fender's legal restriction had expired and after a vote of the board he was named the president of Music Man. He also owned and ran a consulting firm called CLF Research (Clarence Leo Fender) in Fullerton, California.

By 1976, it had built a manufacturing facility for musical instruments and was contracted to make Music Man products.

In 1974, the company started producing its first product, an amplifer designed by Leo Fender and Tom Walker called the "Sixty Five".

It was a hybrid of tube and solid state technology.I can tell you that Leo was very disappointed that his stingray and sabre guitars didn't sell and that was the basis for G&L.G&L (GEORGE AND LEO) was started at CLF behind Music Man's back and coincidence or other CLF made 2,500 Music man bass necks with straight truss rods.These instruments were designed by Leo Fender and Forrest White. Tom Walker played a large part in the design of the bass preamp.They were the first production guitar and basses to use active electronics which could boost frequencies, whereas traditional electronics could only reduce frequencies.Tommy was forced to go to a young upstart Grover Jackson to make the basses.

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