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When exiting the vehicle, drivers reach for the door handle with their right hand, a move that forces them to turn upper their body to the left, effectively bringing the street behind them into their field of vision.Community Q&A Chivalry is not only about respecting women. Chivalry shows that you possess qualities such as courage, honor, maturity, and loyalty for others -- not just toward the opposite sex.When it rings, the door flies open under the impetus of unshackled desperation and some boys and girls tumble out with thrashing knees and elbows. Lessing wrote: "You could see the little girls, fat with complacency and conceit while the little boys sat there crumpled, apologising for their existence, thinking this was going to be the pattern of their lives." I don't want this to be the picture of my daughter's schooling. I don't want our daughters to feel they have a natural, automatic right to be asked first by the waiter to say what they have chosen from the menu, nor to be served their food before the males at the table.

That one then holds the door open for the person who is next and even for the people who are coming the other way. If two people arrive at the door at the same time, somebody obviously has to stand back; but why should that invariably be the one with the Y chromosome? Why shouldn’t it be the one who is younger or stronger, happier or hairier?

Naturally, there are women whose majesty so shines that every knee must bow.

I am waiting in the playground for our daughter’s primary school class to be let out at the end of the school day (we live in Scotland, where the new school year starts in mid-August).

I can see the little kids all crushed together at the other side of the glass door, longing for the bell. I will remind her of Doris Lessing's despair when she was in a class of nine- and 10-year olds (the same age as our daughter) where the teacher was blaming the incidence of war on the innately violent nature of men.

That unspoken sexual exchange is the only delight in this daft dance of courtly manners and may be the only reason to continue with it.

I presume, however, it is not the reason why the primary school teacher is instructing her class “Ladies first”.

Look twice, save a life: The saying doesn't just apply to watching out for motorcyclists when you're changing lanes, but also keeping an eye out for bicyclists when exiting your car.

If you're like the majority of Americans who spend a good chunk of their week behind the wheel, you're probably accustomed to opening the driver-side door with your left hand.

But this natural movement, reaching for the handle with the hand closest to the door, puts you and others at risk for injury. The move doesn't require you to look left, so you're unlikely to see any rapidly approaching bicycles or cars passing on your left.

As Brandon Spektor at "Dooring" accidents as they're called can result in serious injury or death to the cyclist. In the Netherlands, where cycling is a huge part of the culture, drivers have a habit of doing something that forces them to look out for bikers.

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