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Both orthopaedic surgeons and patients may have contracts with managed care organizations, and these agreements may contain provisions which alter the method by which patients are discharged. The orthopaedic surgeon should maintain a reputation for truth and honesty. The orthopaedic surgeon should conduct himself or herself morally and ethically, so as to merit the confidence of patients entrusted to the orthopaedic surgeon’s care, rendering to each a full measure of service and devotion. Within legal and other constraints, if the orthopaedic surgeon has a reasonable basis for believing that a physician or other health care provider has been involved in any unethical or illegal activity, he or she should attempt to prevent the continuation of this activity by communicating with that person and/or identifying that person to a duly-constituted peer review authority or the appropriate regulatory agency. Because of the orthopaedic surgeon’s responsibility for the patient’s life and future welfare, substance abuse is a special threat that must be recognized and stopped.

If the enrollment of a physician or patient is discontinued in a managed care plan, the physician will have an ethical responsibility to assist the patient in obtaining follow-up care. It is not ethical for an orthopaedic surgeon to sever his or her relationship with a patient because of failure of a treatment or because no further operative treatment is indicated. When obtaining informed consent for treatment, the orthopaedic surgeon is obligated to present to the patient or to the person responsible for the patient, in understandable terms, pertinent medical facts and recommendations consistent with good medical practice. In all professional conduct, the orthopaedic surgeon is expected to provide competent and compassionate patient care, exercise appropriate respect for other health care professionals, and maintain the patient’s best interests as paramount. In addition, the orthopaedic surgeon should cooperate with peer review and other authorities in their professional and legal efforts to prevent the continuation of unethical or illegal conduct. The orthopaedic surgeon must avoid substance abuse and, when necessary, seek rehabilitation. Orthopaedic surgeons should promote their own physical and mental well being by maintaining healthy lifestyles. The practice of medicine inherently presents potential conflicts of interest. Good relationships among physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals are essential for good patient care. The professional conduct of the orthopaedic surgeon may be scrutinized by local professional associations, hospitals, managed care organizations, peer review committees, and state medical and/or licensing boards. Orthopaedic surgeons are frequently called upon to provide expert medical testimony in courts of law.

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They serve as guides for conduct of the physician in the physician-patient relationship.

These documents are, in part, derived from the Current Opinions of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs of the American Medical Association (AMA).

I will evaluate the medical care provided in light of generally accepted standards, neither condemning performance that falls within generally accepted practice standards nor endorsing or condoning performance that falls below these standards.

I will evaluate the medical care provided in light of generally accepted standards that prevailed at the time of the occurrence.

I will state where my opinion honestly varies from generally accepted standards.

I will provide evidence or testimony that is complete, objective, scientifically based, and helpful to a just resolution of the proceeding.

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Since the AMA document is necessarily broad, the Academy documents are directed to concerns of specific interest to orthopaedic surgeons.

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