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Bobby was try to attack one of them that was pointing the gun at me... then i have no choice than to give up everything,......they made away with my 24,000 us dollars which was all the the cash i have with me.also made away with some my vital info.... Allen was unconscious due to bullet that hit him and I was trying to Scream out and the other guy barked at me close my month to keep shut and he pointed the gun to my head ...

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Well things do not really work out between i and ex, so we have to divorce, tho she passed on after a year of the divorce.

It really hurt me, because i know someday my son would love to see his real mom.

So if you see him on webcam, it´s not "him", you see a short stolen video! Honey I'm in a Shit right now i don't know what to do. and one of them hit his Gun on my shoulder and i couldn't do more than to Plead.

The hotel I'm staying was Robbed by some arm robbers with Mask on their face.....entered my room and Order me and Allen to go on our Kneels and Pointed Gun at me and ask me to tender my life or my money or in Other case I'll loose my Son,so i started Begging them. Suddenly they shouted at me to give out everything i have for the last time!!

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL the first day i was on, i received an IM as soon as i logged on. he said he was having trouble with match IM and could we switch to yahoo messenger. he had a 6 year old son named Allen who was with him. he was a widower and an is that first IM from - riseingsunnydays says: hello - riseingsunnydays says: how are you doing - riseingsunnydays says: are you there so we can chat - riseingsunnydays says: I am Wemi - me says: hi - me says: what's a Wemi? i was going to read your profile but can't figure out how.. he called again in the night and i told him i couldn't talk to him anymore. i haven't heard from him profile on was: riseingsunnydayshis name: Wemi Scothhis email: [email protected] photo used on for the profile: 70334926_R_2found his photo in the romancescam files under Nigerian Scammers: males whitepage 37, collin01 the url: ...

it was a man who's profile said he was in north dakota. - riseingsunnydays says: hi - riseingsunnydays says: how was your day - me says: busy . - riseingsunnydays says: don't mind me - riseingsunnydays says: how are you doing - riseingsunnydays says: are you there? - riseingsunnydays says: oh same here - riseingsunnydays says: how long have you been on this site - me says: is it snowing in north dakota? album=2768i did not look up the IP address as i closed the yahoo acct very quickly.

Main while when all these incidents was going on with me and Allen ,it wasn't happening to us alone but to the entire hotel(individuals) 3 other foreigners was killed, even the hotel manager was locked up in his office with one of the robbers watching him so that he won't call the cops or try to do anything stupid.

So after they were gone i quickly rush my Son to the nearest hospital because he was bleeding seriously from the chest...... Honey i haven't slept since last night and even my shoulder is affecting me with pains badly.

Honey i have to check back to the hospital now to see the Doctor to know how my Son is feeling at the moment be cos I' worried and he needs me and as well Allen means all the World to me.. so i better get going now ,i just came to let u know what happened to us last night, i will get back to you as soon as Possible .....

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