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The analyst must search for clues in the historical references learned from lengthy studies of early ceramics.

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Modern ceramics tell a lot about their history from the maker's marks usually found on the underside.

Ancient pottery have very few marks, thus the dating of antiquities is more like detective work.

Potsherds from a digging trench, by their style, form and colour will assist researchers to identify the culture extant at that time, provide a date for the stratum level and add to the chronological record further information about the buried civilisations slowly being uncovered. One of my hobbies is to routinely go to auctions and buy unique items, including antiques.

Recently I bought two pieces of pottery that seem to have a lot of history associated with them and since I have no clue about anthropology.

It's heavy and you can tell it's not something mass manufactured and it's old.

Thanks again, Brady Hello I posted about the vessel I think that's what it is but if anyone could put me in the right way of helping I would greatly appreciate.

Does anyone know which era these pots belong and also, the civilization and age if known. Ive been told although a copy they can be very valuable.

I can't find anything really about copies, but lots on fakes.

Ceramic artefacts are often very rare due to their thinner, brittle construction being easily broken.

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