Dating powerful women chat seks janda area sandakan

Except for one who, again, requested anonymity, majority seemingly feel ‘too small’ to be identified as husbands to successful or powerful women.

So much that the lucky few men feel embarrassed to be dating or married to women who are more accomplished than them.

Happy, peaceful in the shadow of powerful woman True to form, when preparing this report, we tried to reach out to at least four husbands to well-known rich and successful female public figures for tips in vain.

To a certain Clement*, a second-hand clothes dealer, dating or settling with a rich and domineering woman is much better than being stuck in a dead-end 9-5 job where you make peanuts for salary.

Much-needed diplomacy and manual to hitting on rich woman To perhaps peacefully navigate the landmines of dating or living with a rich woman, men need a guide or manual of sorts.

A while back, the country teemed with many macho posturing men, but since the advent of women empowerment and other related initiatives, things have changed.

The previously tough guys are now all susceptible to the unpredictable female emotional roller coaster.

This is partly because of women empowerment, with no corresponding initiative for the poor men,” says Phoebe Mueni, a nursing student who says she is not very comfortable dating of getting married to a man who earns less than her.

Susan Wanja, a banker in Nairobi, argues that having more money is increasingly making even ugly women look sexy, just as it has always been the case with not-so-easy-on-the-eye rich men.

Seemingly, women are now making more money than most men in their lives.

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