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How can I help him as he admits to being an alcoholic.... My mom my dad and my 17 y/o sister all drink and it makes me ill to see my mom and sister drunk..

my dad drinks socialbally and can hold his alcohol.....

I teach my children that drinking is bad and causes too many problems.

We dated for a year and a half, and then got married, I was so excited.

It wasn’t until we moved into a home together that I found out about the drinking.

He is the best when he is himself, but mean and withdrawn after a drinking bout, it lasts for days after he drinks.

It’s a rollercoaster and I don’t how to explain it to my children.

There was a far amount of interaction from our readers in the comment section.

Perhaps you will find a few ideas on how to handle your situation by reading their advice.

He may not think he has a drinking problem, but if he is truthful with himself, he cannot deny that he creates problems in the family when he does drink.

All you can do is express your concern and then Learn How To Let Go Of An Alcoholic.

JC: How can I convince a binge drinker that they have a problem with alcohol?

Is a binge drinker an alcoholic if they only get drunk once per month?

I am really sick of seeing alcohol around me and I am afraid that his alcoholism will ruin our relationship.....

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