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The coalition agreement provides for a personal approach of clients who accept sexual services from victims of human trafficking or from prostitutes who reside illegally in the Netherlands.Strict regulations will allow clients to know the difference between legal and illegal prostitution.There were general bans on brothels and pimping, but in October 2000, these were removed from the Penal Code. The sex industry is regulated under normal labour law, which increases protection of the workers from exploitation. In future, the commercial operation of prostitution services, including escort agencies, will be subject to licensing.

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Only a few municipalities currently require licensing for escort services, the majority do not have such a policy.

Suppliers of prostitution move to municipalities where licenses are not needed or where supervision is less strict. Yes, the Government wants compulsory rules for all forms of prostitution.

In addition to the licensing requirement applicable to the escort sector, a national registration system will be introduced for the sector.

Registration is required as escort services are businesses that do not have a fixed location and cross municipal boundaries with their activities fairly easily.

The Government therefore wishes to make the act of using services from unlicensed operators or non-registered self-employed prostitutes an offence.

The enforcement of any penal provision is of course an important point of attention in this respect. Brothels were banned in the Netherlands in 1911 to protect prostitutes from exploitation.However, the ban has not been enforced for the past 50 years.Action was only taken against brothels and sex clubs if they engaged in criminal activities or disturbed public order.To end abuses in the sex industry, the Netherlands decided to change the law to reflect everyday reality.It is now legal to employ prostitutes who are over the age of consent, and do the work voluntarily, but stricter measures have been introduced under criminal law to prevent exploitation.These rules will be laid down in a framework law on licenses for prostitution, which is being prepared by the Interior and Justice Ministers.

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