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Hard work and an appreciation for culture are important values to Belgians, who think of themselves as Europeans first, Walloons or Flemings second, and Belgians third.

Strong family systems are vital to Belgian society.

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Originally based on material contained in the "Put Your Best Foot Forward" series of books by Mary Murray Bosrock.

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I personally struggled with this when I first came to live in this country, especially since I come from a land where I could just phone a friend and make impromptu plans for dinner that same day!

Even with most service providers, things happen with appointment (think of getting a haircut or a manicure) and there is rarely any sense of urgency (like when getting any medical diagnostic testing – X-Rays, MRIs, blood work, etc.).

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I grew up, studied, and lived in Belgium for over 20yrs, and heres a look at how dating and sex goes in that country.*Girls normally dont start dating untill age 18 their parents are very protective.*Marriage can only happen at age 21, the parents consent is required, and in some cases can be hold up till age 25! *U dont get a drivers liscense till age 18, but can enter a regular bar and buy alcohol at any age.*most Belgian women marry after age 24 *Belgian men&women are not likely to live together before marriage*Porn is widely available, but people are so used to it, its like eating french fries!

If there is a top grievance that makes establishing long-lasting friendships with Belgians a huge challenge for us internationals, it is that we rarely get to see them.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more schedule-loving group of people in my life!

Belgians pose an interesting contrast between a very progressive society, (for example, Belgium was second country in the world to legalize gay marriage) versus a populace that craves stability.

Maybe Belgium’s history has something to do with this.

Our guest contributor tackles a common expat issue – making friends with Belgians.

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