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I think one of the best things about the holidays are the holiday parties! For those of you who are planning a holiday party this year, we wanted to help out as best we could.

She has adorable game cards in her post to really ‘spice’ up your party.

Then, come here and try out a inch square of wrapping paper taped down to use as a target.

The player who gets to the finish first wins this fun holiday game!

This is just a plain old silly holiday games (what holiday party would be complete without a silly game or two? Get Cocoa Puffs and sprinkle them all over the lawn (if you are somewhere there is snow, do this indoor in a designated room).

If the partnership can do this 3 times within a minute, they win!

glasses of water at different heights so when you tap them with a spoon, they play Jingle Bells.

One player will take one ornament at a time and convey it to their partner by them twisting at the same time.

The partner will then take the ornament and hang it on the tree.

The tutorial on the next page will lead you through an example application, using the Relay Starter Kit, to give you an idea of how you can start using Relay on yours.

2010 Computer, two channel video projection, custom software, electronics, telegraph equipment Collaboration with Ben Chang Sounder and Relay is a meditation on online romance in the age of the telegraph.

In a minute you would take the the box and fan the ornament until it stays within the targeted square. feet of ribbon into a loop, get some ornaments, and a small Christmas tree like this one.

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