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Recently, Vancouver Magazine published an article with the title "Vancouver Men Suck.“ I won’t get into the details of the article, but basically it suggested that men in this city are lazy, poorly dressed, unambitious goons who have lost the art of chivalry.

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Here is a sampling of responses: The people in Vancouver are like people anywhere. However Canadians, while friendly, tend to keep to themselves more than Americans and will not bother you unless there is a good reason. Unless you look like an obvious tourist, going up to random strangers anywhere in Vancouver is a recipe for being ignored as they’ll think you’re going to tell them a sappy story of how your wife is giving birth across town and you need money for a cab, you’re dying with HIV and you need money, you’re a backpacker who needs money for a hostel, you need money for drugs, etc.

Despite the embarrassing Stanley Cup riot this year, Vancouver is (usually) the world’s friendliest city.

For every shallow, poorly dressed guy at the bar trying to pick up an equally shallow, well-dressed attractive woman, there are genuine men and women meeting and forming genuine relationships in Vancouver.

Consistently named as one of the top five cities worldwide for livability and quality of life, it’s no wonder we love to call this vibrant city home. With the day to day buzz of life in Van, finding someone special is not easy. People often become disenchanted by online dating because they find themselves surrounded by singles who aren't on the same page romantically. Elite Singles members are those who are looking to share their life with someone special.

I have been out of the dating scene for awhile (I met my husband in my early 20s), so I can’t really offer much of an opinion on it, but I think the Vancouver Magazine article raised an important issue about whether people here feel open and willing enough to talk to strangers.

I asked some friends and searched around on internet forums asking the same question about how friendly Vancouver is.And, booking a tour with a company like Wild Whales Vancouver means that not only do you get a chance to see Orcas, you also get all the perks of a romantic harbour cruise (including some incomparable city views as you sail through English Bay).And, happily for Vancouver singles, the coffee options here are amazing!Take that special person for a walk under the cherry blossoms in Stanley Park: the delicate clouds of enchanting petals are the perfect first date backdrop.For those who prefer a more dramatic date, spring is also one of the best times of year to go whale watching.Their beer is outstanding (the Jasmine IPA is the stuff dreams are made from), their food is delicious and they’re right by the water – meaning that you’re perfectly placed for a romantic post-dinner stroll.

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