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How can I access a particular table from this list from my python script through SOAP? So far I got this: from suds import Web Fault from suds.client import * from suds.transport.https import Windows Http Authenticated # for https authentification USER = r'Domain345434' #the number is the user id PWD = 'secret' #My guess is that you need for accessing Web Nodes instead of List Nodes URL = '

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In the next post I’ll demonstrate how to get Minitab “talking” to Microsoft Word programmatically using Minitab’s API.

The end result will be a very simple automated report that exhibits the power of customization in Minitab.

This will prevent any automatic features from running so that the navigation window on the left becomes “visible”.

(Also note that Access may be minimised when started in this way, so it might look like it has not opened – so do remember to check the taskbar! [2] This will open a dialogue box with a list of all linked tables and their current “parent” DSNs (Data Source Names) shown next to them in brackets.

Also [1]: The simplest solution for now would be to download the database through access, but first, I don't know how to do this programatically.

Second, when extending my application I might need to update Database as well. When I use Access to publish a simple table to Sharepoint [2], afaik I can read and write it through Sharepoints SOAP API provided by .../_vti_bin/[3].

I can see in that the table is a List Node (when I hover over the link with the mousepointer, I can see the javascript function that gets called with the parameters containing "... But when I publish a more complex database from Access, an accdb with forms, it is a Web Node instead of a Listnode.

When I select it in Settings where I get a list of the tables of the published database.

BREP is a separate Banner database that replaces the PROD instance for the purpose of running ODBC-based queries.

BREP is copied from PROD every night, and so the contents may be up to 24 hours out-of-date, but otherwise the data layout and the table names are an exact copy of the production system.

Get Web Collection() #fails with Sax Parse Exception: [1] How to Remotely Access Share Point Database [2] I just read about Sharepoint Designer, which can create workflows.

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