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Today’s mating game is being played by a whole new set of rules, and they’re complicated.

In a recent phone interview, relationship expert Emily Morse, radio host of Sex with Emily and star of the new Bravo TV show Miss Advised, gave me the lowdown on how singles get together.

Why invest time getting to know a random guy you bumped into at the gym when you can browse the detailed profiles of a huge database of men?

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The Planetarium and Science Theater is a popular attraction for Killeen residents and visitors.

The facility is located at Central Texas College and offers educational programs for K-12 students.

There’s no longer that agonizing waiting by the phone.

Couples readily connect throughout the day through light texts, tweets and photos. ” But she admits she’s as addicted to her cell phone as the next girl.

A whole evening spent one-on-one is considered too much pressure and kind of lame, especially to younger singles who are accustomed to hanging out in large groups. “If someone wanted to see you on the weekend; they had to call you a few days in advance.

Now people aren’t dating, they’re texting: “What’s up, are you free tonight, can you hang out? I think a lot of the chivalrousness that used to come with dating isn’t there anymore.” Constant Contact One of the good things about technology is that it provides easy, low-risk ways to stay in touch.Modern singles need to be really clear about communicating their expectations, or risk getting hurt. Over the years Deborah tried set ups and online dating but nothing seemed to stick.She preferred meeting guys socially, but found that “men are less likely to approach women these days.” Deborah isn’t sure if it’s fear, or the fact that everyone is so used to dating online that “they don’t even bother trying to meet someone organically anymore.” Then 18 months ago, she met Steve at a charity event.The museum runs various exhibitions throughout the year featuring rare photographs, artifacts, costumes, and other fields of interest.This is a great place to visit if you are interested in history and different cultures.After they were introduced, Steve contacted her on Facebook and they spent several weeks getting to know one another online until Steve asked her out—on a real date! “I always said the only qualification I had for a boyfriend was that he just be normal; so long as he wasn’t socially inept, I would give him a shot.

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