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So if you like a little domination and submission with your crossdressing, try this site first.

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No one likes surprises – crossdressers don’t want to find out that their crush is crushed to find out about their kink, and unwitting dates may be turned off to discover their man is also wearing Victoria’s Secret.

I’m guessing the majority of men who are into crossdressing prefer to keep this kink between themselves and their partner.

I do not need anything like that; I married to my date 18 years ago, and she is the best girl in the world.

Yes I know I am prestigious, But So what , I love her.

I once dated a very masculine guy (a fire fighter no less) who found nothing more exciting than to slip into a pair of my panties or pulling on a pair of silky stockings.

I’ll admit, at first I was a little confused by his behaviour but as far as fetishes go this one is pretty tame, and I quickly discovered it had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. ) And then I learned how exciting it could be for me as well…

I want a wife and children someday and do all the normal stuff that any husband and father would do for and with his family.

I don't publish the fact that I cd and I even wonder at what point do I mention it.

There are no dating sites explicitly for TV/TS that are free that I know of (I think there is an alternative dating site that includes TV/TS folks that is free, I can't remember the name offhand.) You could try the various free social networks geared towards trans folks instead, maybe you can meet someone there. So, it might be easier for me to find a guy that's into crossdressers than for a straight crossdresser to find a girl into crossdressers, I just need to know where.

And thank you Vickie, I will look around "general" dating sites that are free. I don't know if there is a US equivalent, in the UK I use tvchix (link in my signature).

Is this really what most cders want, even the married ones- " a date" and with who? Pardon my questioning however this totally strange world of cding is new to me. hmmm i do not get it, and trust me i have done more reading, much more that my cding partner has In response to Cindy O, You are right that the scope of us cders is huge. I am a member of a national online dating site that most of us all see advertised.

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