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Norton by Symantec has found that scammers are hacking Instagram accounts and altering profiles with sexually suggestive imagery to lure users to adult dating and porn spam. A cybercriminal instructs users to visit a profile link, which is either a shortened URL or a direct link to the destination site.Their profile image is then changed to a photograph of a woman and then attackers upload photographs, which are often sexually suggestive.

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That added cost is passed down to the customer and does increase your purchase price. The more features you use on a particular AFA, the harder it is to move to another platform if you want a different system. Vendors want you to use their features more and more so that when they raise prices or want you to upgrade it is harder for you to look elsewhere.

If you have an outage or something happens where your boss comes in and say “I want these out of here”, are you going to say well the whole company runs on that and its going to take about 12-18 months to do that?

The file system has a global name space across all of the different types of media and can even use the cloud as a place to store data without changing the way the end user will access the data.

The file movement is policy based and allows admins to not ask the user if the data is needed, it simply can move it to a lower cost as it gets older/colder.

The best part is because of a new licensing scheme, customers only pay the TB license for data that is on disk and flash.

Any data that sits on Tape does not contribute to the overall license cost.

The day after Valentine’s is also known as “Singles Awareness Day” and people flock to the stores for the left over candies now priced down to move.

Some people who are looking today will go on a website to find their love ‘match’. One website named “Plenty of Fish” is an online dating site that claims they are the largest online dating site, with over 90 million registered users. If you go out and buy an All Flash Array (AFA) from one of the 50 vendors selling them today you will likely see there is a wide spectrum not just from the media (e MLC, MLC, c MLC) but also in the features and functionality.

If the user can not tell the difference where his data is coming from and does not have to change the way he gets to it then why not look at putting the cold data on something low cost like tape and cloud tape.

This type of system can be accomplished but using the IBM Spectrum Scale platform.

Most are things from some fun project that I was working or a technology that is past is prime.

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