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This commitment is challenging, and it often creates a lot of questions.So if you want to discuss how to apply this commitment to your particular life situation, please reach out to me and take advantage of the FREE 30-minute coaching session I offer to anyone who wants to explore this or any issue that might be keeping them from attracting lasting love.

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The masculine partner craves the radiant life force of the feminine so he can be rejuvenated and inspired to succeed in his quest for freedom.

He needs her wild, passionate emotional energy to enliven his heart and ground him in his body.

Pre-Dating's goal has always been to deliver the highest quality events and customer service at an affordable price.

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So, we're taking a different approach on this months Teleseminar, as we have realized that you, the audience, want to ask questions on an array of different subjects and topics!

Instead of our typical 45 minute guest speaker presentation, this month- Relationship Coach Roy Biancalana and Pre-Dating C. O., Michael Clarke will answer your questions directly through a constructive and informative seminar built to help you succeed in finding a lasting, emotionally and physically fulfilling known as "The Intimacy Guru," and is a nationally recognized leader in the field of attraction, intimacy and conscious relationships.

The Art of Intimacy is a monthly newsletter written especially for you.

Our articles are designed to assist singles in finding and sustaining healthy, lasting love.

Your partner will choose you because you have what they're lacking on the level of form.

If you want to keep your romance alive, you must commit to giving your partner your masculine or feminine essence.

and you will hear back from Sandy, our amazing HR Manager to get the ball rolling! Though we all want to be in a great relationship, most of us haven't thought about or devoted ourselves to a set of commitments or behaviors that form the foundation for authentic intimacy.

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