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Password is case sensitive, which means that the passwords "Password6" and "password6" will be considered to be different.

If the password meets the requirements you will see a green checkmark, otherwise a red X will mean an error. Note: Below the fields you can see the Quick sign up button - quick sign up is possible via Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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It must be a working email which you will need to confirm and which will be used as your u ID account username.

It is also desirable to choose a password that is impossible to guess, e.g. Minimum password length is 6 characters, maximum – 15 characters.

Remember that personal information is never disclosed except as required by the applicable law.

Type in the security code (if it is not clear enough, click the image and it will change to a new one).

You must start from the very beginning (refresh the image).

If you have Outpost Firewall installed read the following hints: For those who use Outpost 2008, and maybe some earlier versions.

However, it is recommended to disable it at all: this option doesn’t influence security, and just doesn’t permit sites to know from what URLs you have come to them (i.e.

to collect general statistics and not your personal data). Could be around a month (at least one of my test websites was removed around a month later after I didn't log into it). I want to create my new site using my old domain ( ) which i deleted.facelogin, To retrieve your u Net password and your Webtop administrative password, please use the following form: .

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