Dating winchester 101 trap gun

At the time it was a parent corporation of Winchester.The same Japanese factory also built another three guns specifically for the European market – the 5000, 65.

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Winchester over-and-under shotguns you find on the secondhand market today will fall into two main families – those which are part of the famous 101 family, and those which are not. Despite being envisioned and designed by Winchester engineers in America, I’d say that the Winchester 101 shotgun owes much of its appearance and and influences to Browning.

I found the action on the Winchester 101 to be rather tall – jointing is via a full-width hinge pin.

It was introduced as a 12-bore in 1963, and the smaller gauges of 20 and 28-bore and .410 came three years later.

However these were never really taken up by shooters in the UK.

If you’re after a gun that handles like the old 101, then buy a Browning!

The 101 series has held its value well despite there being a shortage of spare parts.

The shotgun was built for Winchester by an Italian company.

In 1993 it was introduced to the USA and just two years later in 1993 withdrawn with great haste. Despite investigating further, I couldn’t get a complete picture of what actually was behind this.

The company was then sold by the Olin Corporation and bought by Browning and the 1980s were somewhat turbulent years for Winchester.

One of the low points of the era was one of Winchester’s few real failures – the fated Model 1001.

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